22 December 2009


Hey ho guys so alas it is only 2 days until CHRISTMAS and I am currently very excited.
My Grandparents were meant to arrive at the airport 23 minuets ago but due to lots of snow Glasgow airport and easyjet have been cancelling flights so we booked them onto a train last night so hopefully, without any delays, thy will arrive at London Euston at 18.01 this evening where my dad will meet them and bring them back here.

You really should have seen my mum last night all stressed out trying to get everything sorted, I helped as I was in charge or everything on the internet (the actual booking). It took about an hour for everything to work out but it did in the end.

In other news tonight I have my best friends Catherine's dinner party in which we are playing a fantastic game which I found and that should be funnnnn. Monday night I was meant to go to Laura's 18th (which I was very very excited for) but Mum was stuck in traffic in London and even though she left @ 5pm she didn't arrive home till about 9.45pm and also the roads were really icy and we had lots of snow :( So I wasn't able to go, but I gave Laura her birthday present yesterday when Mum and I went to pick up some parcels from royal mail.

Right now i am in bed in my PJ's as I woke up about half an hour ago, my room is a mess and I need to do some revision. I also got my hair cut yesterday, I have gone for a middle parting which i think will look good once i get rid on the dead straight look she went for, it needs some waves.

Our Christmas tree is up and has been for about a week and 3 days, you can see it in the background of the video up there.

Merry Christmas guys :)

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