18 December 2009

snow & the reason why i hate it

Today is a week before Christmas Day, but that would just be me stating facts. The problem is that it is snowing, and before you say "but snow is beautiful" let me explain:

Today was meant to be our last day of school, and as is tradition on the last day before christmas the year 13 (my year) put on a show for the rest of the school. We have spent the last 2 weeks staying behind after school till between 6 and 7. We have given up our lunch times and I had walked all the way to school yesterday with 2 walking backpacks, do you know how heavy they were?

Don't get me wrong today has been fun, did some last minuet shopping and went to wagamamas for lunch with Helen, Kate, Emma and Fran. Then i watched 3 episodes of Doctor Who season 4 under my blanket and am now watching the tail end of without a trace-Tomorrow I have work but I may be going to see St Trinians 2 which would make my day as my favourite David Tennant is in it :)

so yes today has been fun but i would have loved to have done our performance.

night night

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  1. HUZZAH! I'm back! :D I'm not dead yet, thank goodness, but surviving exams was definitely quite a task.

    Anyways, aww, Caitlin! That's awful. D: I am so sorry! I hate it when performances get canceled for weather... trust me, I've been there. But not for snow, of course... where I live we never get any. EVER. But hey, I'd rather be snow-less than have a performance be canceled... at least you still had fun with your day. :)


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