07 December 2009

So yes, long weekend with no posts.

Why? Well, I had an exam Thursday and then I just couldn't be in the mood to blog.

But right now am bored! I have been watching 'The Rachel Zoe Project" on the internet, I don't know what I think, it is funny and quite cool but I have been watching too many Reality TV shows at the moment.

Tomorrow i have the whole day off!! ESSAY WRITING DAY ME THINKS! I have to write a 3000 photography essay by Friday and a 2000 and 1500 word essay both for Drama for next Tuesday!! aaaa

And along with that i have to also learn my lines for the sixth form entertainment and take photographs and revise for my two retakes and my january exam!!

Really how am I going to eat and sleep??

Also I have babysitting to do in half and hour!!

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