01 December 2009

HAPPY DECEMBER & exciting news :)

So yesterday I found no inspiration but I did find some cool DVD's that were under a fiver on amazon. That was quite cool.

Right now I am listening to Biffy Clyro's album Only Revolutions, my Dad's music tastes is quite good. He had Florence and the Machine's album :) I am also uploading some christmas songs onto my computer as it is only 24 DAYS. Amazing.

In other amazing news, and this is the only place i am going to say it, i got two offers from two of the university places i applied. University of Gloucestershire and Sheffield Hallum University. It still hasn't really hit me because I sent my UCAS off last Thursday and Gloucestershire seemed like it would be really hard to get into. And in conjunction with Bucks my top choice!

It makes me very happy and as the last year of 2009 i plan to do a bit more work and concentrate on school work!


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