26 January 2010


So does anyone else have moment where you have all these things you have to do but at the same time it is things you want to do?

I have that at the moment, where i have all these cool things to do but because i can't decided on what to do first i don't do any of it! Sad isn't it?

My topic of conversation today is CHANGE.

I decided in December of last year that I wanted to change the way I dressed and looked, not for anyone else but for myself, because I was bored. So to start this when I got my hair cut I decided to get a middle parting and on Sunday with my Christmas money I ordered a pair of GHD hair straighteners. For Christmas I asked for make up brushes and so far all these things have helped me because i have also re arranged my room (I wanted to use my desk more than i do and moving seemed like a good idea in trying to achieve it) I have also started my fitness plan which involves me actually exercising instead of just saying I will because it is something I NEVER EVER DO.

Part of the wanted to change the way i dressed and looked was due to the fact this year i will be going to uni (if the grade permit) and that got me thinking about who i want to be when i get there. It's not like all these changes are sudden it is just things that have been building up but i never let go of and now i decided to just go with it. Also having my birthday so late this year is also a bugger, as i won't be able to go out with everyone in the summer as i won't be 18 till the 31st of August. Never has my birthday bugged me but this one is just annoying. I think this year is just so full of change that i wanted to changed the way i did things.

Change is a bugger but really i quite like it, i just get scared.

Reading that back it doesn't make much sense for a topic of conversation but what ever. Now i am going to do all the things i want to do but can't decoded on which one to start.

night night

and What is your view on change?

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