01 January 2010

Doctor: I don't want to go.
Caitlin: *tears running down face, holding on to the David Tennant doctor figure, shaking* (in a small wisper) I don't want you to go either.

And it is not the fact DT is gone, it's more that the team has left, the creators have gone, RTD&JG the people I trust have decided to leave.

And that bloody stupid catchphrase that Matt Smith says at the end, and the fact they have to show the advert for the new doctor who in spring of 2010 right bloody after the show had ended. PLEASE JUST GIVE ME TIME TO PULL MY SELF TOGETHER, i will be there in spring but give me a chance.


  1. I'm sad about DT leaving too ): And the old team. But I have a feeling the new doctor won't bre that bad, even if his catchphrase is...

    Anyways. I didn't see that advert was it right after or a few adverts after cos I watched it off sky planner :/ Lols. I'm interested to see it.

  2. i don't watch doctor who, but i do know that this is what the post is about because my friend told me how she & her mom cried at the end of last night's episode. lol. xx


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