10 January 2010

Proper blog??

So here it is, finally a proper blog post. Or maybe i said that way too soon i mean i am only a sentence into this. Ok lets review i am currently putting off my revision for my three exams this January. They are all politics, two are retakes and one is US politics, my first is on the 14th aka THURSDAY! The second is MONDAY 18th and my last one is the 22nd! so i should really be busy busy but being the most amazing person in putting work off i haven't really done as much as i know i can. So for the next 4 days it is cram time!

In other news yesterday at work there was all this wrapping paper and gift bags that were going to be thrown out so all the staff were able to take what they wanted, i got quite a bit gift wrap for my mum :) But also they had some top trumps that would also get thrown out so i took three packs of High School Musical 3 ones and one of some F1 racing for Shaun. That was quite cool as they usually cost £3.99 and i got them for free! There are perks to my job, i will be sad to let it go :(

Also i am currently listening to Taylor Swift on my ipod and I LOVE HER she is really really cool and i can't get her songs out of my head!!

Ok so really this is a terrible blog post but i can't help but think that i have a ton of other things that really need to get done ASAP and i am just wasting time! so guys i am signing of now.

Have a great Sunday :)

night night (at 12.36)

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