15 February 2010

Event Management

So Caitlin how is life?
Well, for your information it is pretty great thank you, yes i have now reached a feeling that I haven't felt in almost two years. I feel CALM! By Thursday I had handed in all my photography and didn't have any homework to do for school and i had an amazing day.

But my topic of conversation for tonights post is Event Management. For people who don't know i have applied to university to study Event management and the reason i have done that is because it is something that is utterly amazing and involves a lot of skills that can be used in many managerial roles (except that second point isn't why i picked it as my course)

I have been fascinated with the way events are organised and ever since the Cheltenham book festival in 2008 that i went to with my mum i have been transfixed with the way events similar/smaller and larger are put together. Some people think it isn't a 'proper' course to study but you have to remember all the skills are ones that can fit into any type of job that you may end up in. At this moment in time i would love to organise conferences that involve film, television and the internet. Such as sci-fi conventions and other stuff on a similar wavelength, it is events like that where you see peoples reactions and in my opinion the ones that give a bigger sense of achievement.

I think when people think of events they automatically think about music festivals such as Glastonbury or the V festival but events stretch over a wide range of things such as school conferences, events at top tourists destinations, business trips and also art events such as openings of galleries, film premieres and music festivals. My interest lies with the more art inspired events but i don't think i can pigeon hole what i will end up doing because i don't know where that will be yet!

Just as an add-on i don't think i will be able to ever work in the felid of wedding planning as i think i would end up ruining someone's special day.

So what do you think about event management/planning?

this took me three days to right to the standard i wanted, i went through the same process i go to when writing essays for school. Do you think it worked?


  1. It's the best.

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