02 February 2010

Hi February, take a seat.

So it is February and the second month into 2010. Yesterday was mirror day 01022010 and today is do work day. Or at least it is for me.

I wrote most of my essay for drama this afternoon but still have 500 or so words left to do, i also have a ton of photography to take tomorrow morning and my essay to finish (everything photog related is in a week tomorrow)

I have babysitting tonight and some letters to write :) so i think Busy evening and early night! (or as early as can do depending when they come back home)

I think it will be good this month, January wasn't really a month for me because of the snow that meant school was closed and the exams and then the last 2 weeks i have been getting over the snow that meant school was closed and the exams. To be really honest i feel my year starts NOW or in half term depending on my mood. I think everything depends on my mood.

I have no more money as i owe my mum £50 but wait till you see the bag i HAD to buy (I had no choice in it, i was blackmailed!) plus i owe her a £5 for the cinema and £10 for my hair dye which obviously makes the bag £30 but it is a leather satchel and for £30 that is amazing :)

I don't think i am the only one who thinks January doesn't count as a month this year, it went to fast, and too much school work was involved. I am now officially saying 2010 only has 11 months. I think that is pretty cool :)

I'm reading Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold at the moment, well actually i just started it but i haven't been gripped into a book a quickly as this one in a long long time and it is AMAZING. The film is directed by Peter Jackson and looks really good but i have to read the book first, and no i didn't decided to read the book because i want to see the film. The book was at work on special offer and i read the first page and had that feeling when all you want to do is sit down and read and read and read and never put the book down. This book just jumped out and said "READ ME" and here i am now.

anyhow what book are YOU reading? any good?

night night

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