07 February 2010


This is what i look like today, it is my inner person saying lets be lazy but without the jogging bottoms. I have the rest of my photography to do and thats really it. Some politics research could be done as could some drama research but my main priority is photography which i will put off for hours and hours. 

I came on to the internet around an hour ago in an attempt to do all i can do to distract myself now, i caught up on blogs i had missed and replied to some tweets on twitter and now i am updating my blog because A) it means i don't start my essay B) i kinda need to and C) i have something to talk about. 

The something i have to talk about is feminism, i read a post on Style Rookie about a book called Girl Power by Marisa Meltzer . Now unless you are me or have a understanding of my mother i don't think you will understand her thoughts about being a women. She is strongly against worlds that are derogatory towards the female sex such as "bitch" she hates when men (my brother included) are patronising and she gets very angry when women in high profiled/high up jobs are deemed as cold or male looking in the way they dress. I also have these beliefs, or at least i do now, for the last year or so i have grown up a lot and have a better understanding of certain things such as the way women are treated. Having gone to a girls school since i was 11, i have been taught a lot without realising it about how us females are just as strong as men and that we sounds be treated no different. I understand we have gained a lot like the right to vote, to work and, because i am studying Twelfth Night in drama, the right to act. But you have to remember just like the fact race shouldn't determine what you can and can not do neither should sex. 

I watched an episode of Desperate Housewives last night where Lynette Scavo is offered a promotion, she asks why the person Carlos was going to give it to did not take it and the reason is because he didn't offer it as he overheard her mentioning on the phone to someone that she was pregnant. Now the fact of the matter is it take 2 people to tango and 2 people to make a baby, a women should not be given a promotion or a job just because she is pregnant, yes there are hospital visits and maternity leave but they can still work!! And you have to remember most men want a family just as much as most women do but because of the way science works it is the women who has to carry the baby and give birth to it. 

I think at this stage in life with the technology and history we have passed race & gender should no longer be an issue. And it is also the reason why i think many women can be feminists without being the traditional idea of a "feminist" in fact many women are. 

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