28 February 2010



The narrative behind the story of the film and book of "where the wild things are" is Max is angry at his Mother because she is too busy to come and see his fort so he dresses up in his wolf costume and causes a commotion in which his mother gets angry at him. (The film and book are different in what happens next) In the book Max is sent upstair to go to bed without any dinner, in the film he runs away and gets into a boat that takes him to an island. In both he meets the "Wild Things" and becomes their king. He has to make everyone feel happy and treat them all the same but things get hard and people start to argue and Max realises that he is homesick and lonely so he decides to leave. When he gets home in the book a bowl of hot soup is left outside for Max to eat and in the film his mum watches him eat his dinner. 

The book and film touch upon a real topic and issue that I think subconsciously I have always been afraid off. I hate arguments and fights and in my case when I have them I just end up crying therefore making it stop, and I belief that is why I found the film to be just as scary as the book was. I always remember the colours in the picture book to be really dull and full of colours that are grey and black or brown, which is what the film was full of as well. 

Watching the film after two years of studying media at GCSE means that I spent quite a lot of it thinking about how the role of king Max is given is the same as what his mother does. And all the things that Max goes through when with the Wild Things in the film is what his mother goes through with both Max and his sister. 

I really enjoyed the film but just like I said to my Dad after we had seen it, I can never watch it on my own as it is too scary and too sad. By the end of the film I was in tears which when in a cinema full of kids under the age of 10 and their parents is quite embarrassing. I recommend that you go and rent this film with your family and get a big bag of popcorn and box of tissues and watch it one Sunday afternoon, because it is a fantastically, amazing, beautifully made film. 

Just don't make me watch it on my own! 

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