01 March 2010

Blogging Workshop


London, TopShop on Oxford Street

Last Tuesday I went into London because Coco's Tea Party, a really amazing blog one that I read everyday, said that she would be in TopShop for the afternoon talking to people about how to write blogs, develop them or just ask her or the other two bloggers questions. I went partly because I wanted to go shopping and because I thought it was something I would regret not doing if I didn't go. All the comments on the post where Coco said she was doing this and most of the people said they wished they lived near London. 

That made me think about how much it cost me to get into London from where i live, which is around 25 minutes away. A day travel card cost £15 which means you can travel on the tube and get buses all around London. To get a single to St Pancras it cost £10. Now I love going into London it is always really fun and I can visit many different places but the amount it costs to get there is very high. If I wanted to go shopping most of my money would be spend before I even got into London which holds no benefits. Even with a student travel card it would cost me £10 for a day travel ticket. My view is that Students should be able to get into London for £5 and then it should only cost £7-£8 for a travel card over the age of 21. However I do not make up the rules for the transport prices. 

I did speak to Coco from Coco's Tea Party and asked a question about whether TypePad or Blogger was better because for the last two weeks that I have been giving my blog a facelift i did a 14 day trial of TypePad which costs around £5 a month. I tried it out because a few bloggers I read have beautiful & simple blogs which is what I want for BBK. It was after speaking to Coco that I decided to stick with blogger, which has served me well over the last two years. I also brought a very nice dress and a fantastic cardigan (which I have been wearing for the last 3 days all the time) with the rest of my TopShop gift card money.    

let me know whether you agree that it costs more money than it is worth to travel into London. 

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