22 March 2010

Ellie Levenson's reply

Dear Caitlin,

Thank you so much for taking the time to email and what a lovely email too - that, and waking up to sunshine this morning, has made my day. My egotistical google alert for my own name also showed me you put a recommendation on your blog - thank you!

Thanks also for saying that you shared the book with your friends. While I obviously hope that everyone agrees with everything I say (!!!) I am really delighted that you were able to find bits to discuss and disagree with too. I take on board your points about girls' schools. I don't think going to a girls' school means you won't be a feminist or taught to behave like a feminist, but I do think it is probably better for society if all schools were coeducational and comprehensive. Also research tends to points to girls doing better in girls' schools but boys doing better in mixed schools, so the best overall outcome for boys and girls is probably mixed schools, unless we want brilliantly educated girls and poorly educated boys. That said, I live near an excellent girls' school and while I don't yet have children, when I do let's see what happens and whether I manage to put my money where my mouth is. I hope I do but I'm sure it'll be a tough decision.

Thanks again for emailing and good luck with  whatever you choose to do when you leave your girls' school (and let me know if I can be of any help when that time comes).


Now I like to think that most of you will have read my previous post  but if you haven't then please read it, as this post will make more sense once reading that one. 

This email was really very very nice and made me very happy. And seriously read the book it is amazing.

Talking about books I went to the Library earlier (explained in post below) and fell apon the book "Passion by Louise Bagshawe" yes i can tell from you disapproving looks that you think this is a step down from "The Noughtie Girl's Guide To Feminism by Ellie Levenson" but lets think about this in a rational way, I started reading it at 6pm and by 8pm I was on page 180 out of 535, which in my mind is very good. It is a quick read and even if it is quite trashy (and badly written) you cannot judge me because as it has been stated I have read more well written books such as the Twilight series! 

(I was very proud of that sarcastic comment, I hope you laughed)

I would just like to say a big thank you to Ellie Levenson for that very nice reply and for writing such a great book. 

night night 

I will let you know how good or bad the Louise Bagshawe book is when I finish it. 


  1. Wow that's actually awesome!

    Don't worry, I have a secret love of Mills and Boon books
    They're just so bloody funny :p


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