21 March 2010

Feminism and Ellie Levenson

I have just finished reading "The Noughtie Girl's Guide To Feminism by Ellie Levenson" and have also just sent her the following email: 

Dear Ms Ellie Levenson

My name is Caitlin Kobrak and I have just finished reading your book "The Noughtie Girl's Guide To Feminism" five minutes ago (hence why I am writing this at 00.03.) I started reading your book on Monday and for the last six days have been unable to put it down, it is a truly fantastic book that is both informative and funny, there were many moment that I found my self laughing out loud until I realised no one understood why.

I cannot say i agree with everything you said in your book, but understandable my idea of being a feminist is different to your, however the point you made about single sex school I felt was wrong. This may be a good time to add that I am 17 years old and have gone to a girls school for seven years, I feel that going to a single sex school has made me more of a feminist because i was taught without realising that i can make decisions about what i want to do, that i do not have to get married and can be independent. I open doors for men and women automatically, as my head teacher and many senior members of staff are female i never assume that men are always hold the highest positions, i study politics and am interested in getting a more representative parliament. All these attributes that make me a feminist i learnt mainly at school and is the reason that i view you comment on how "life isn't single sex, and sooner or later they are going to have to deal with that." is wrong. Do you think we are kept in the dark, never to mix with the opposite sex? that we are not taught about both men & women?

I showed this book to a few of my friends at my school and we had a great time doing the quiz at the beginning of the book. Each of them realised that the education we have had has formed our feminist beliefs as we have been lucky to have been taught that we are independent and equal (in many situations) to men. There is a waiting list of people waiting to borrow my copy of you book.

Your book was an impulse buy in the sense that i had not heard of it before and brought it solely on the fact that it sounded very interesting. It is one of the best impulse buys i have made in a while.

My Mum is what is refereed to at the beginning of your novel as a 'Loud and Proud' feminist. She has been married for 18 years and kept her last name and just like you goes by Ms (hence why i addressed you in that manner) she works in a possession of a boss and is the first to say something to anyone who uses derogatory words against women or says that women who are high up and important are 'bitches'. When i said above most of my feminist views come from my education I count the rest to come from my mother, I will most likely keep my last name if i get married and use the title Ms because of her,  i hate when males (and females) use terms that refer to only to one sex because of her. And i think that is the joy of living in this time, I have been brought up by someone who has let me wear pink and play with barbies but has never forgotten to tell me that i can read all my brothers Alex Rider books and have a season ticket to my local football team. The noughtie's feminism is about the fact that we can join it together with our mother (and father.)

I have to say a big thank you to you, your book has informed me about what a feminist is, about who i am and about how i can be proud to use the term FEMINIST. Would it be very weird to say this book changed my life? because it is true.

Thank you so much
Caitlin Kobrak (A Proud and Informed Feminist)

If there is any book i think you should read it is this one . It is a fantastic book and i have not only become very informed but have just read a very funny and interesting book. 

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