02 March 2010

History of the World in 100 objects.

My Dad is currently working on the 100 programmes as producer and in half term, as much of the up and coming blog posts are about, he took me and my brother to the British Museum. Now history is not my strong point and the idea of spending a couple of hours in a museum looking at hundred year old stones doesn't really appeal to me, however I was pleasantly surprised.

What made it so nice was the fact that we had a tour done by two people who worked at the museum and worked on the programmes, Ben and Emma. Ben took us round and spoke about all the objects with such enthusiasm that it was very hard to not be intrigued with the objects and their history. It was an interesting experience having a private tour, quite exciting actually, it was funny when Ben was telling us something and all of sudden there would be a cluster of people gathering to listen in.

I think that if you are ever in London hitting the British Museum is a good place to start, as is the Science Museum.

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  1. OMG thats pretty cool, I've been to the british museum about a gazillion times but there is always something new :)

    I like your dads prog btw, it really gooood :D



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