17 March 2010

feeble update and a half

It has been a while and the reason for that is the fact that i received my results for the exams I did in January. As you can most likely tell from my previous posts they didn't go as well as i had hoped for, in fact they went a hell of a lot worse. What this means is that I have to re-take more exams than I had planned to obtain the grade I need to get in to the university that I want to go to.

Really it means that I need to do more work and attend the AS politics lessons on top of my classes at the moment. It's a pain and involves more work.


So the above was written two days ago (Monday) as of today (Wednesday) there has been a development that means i do not in fact has to re-take the AS exam and attend those classes. It is all very complicated about how that works and really i still cannot get into the mood of writing a proper blog. Hence this feeble update.

Sometime soon i promise there will be some blogs that are more informative and interesting than this garble.

However it make take a while.

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