29 March 2010

on no she didn't, on yes she did!

So as you may know my current obsession, minus reading a ton of new books, is the television show Bones. I am on Season 2 and am 4 episodes from the end, so please be kind and don't ruin the end. The reason this deserves a blog post is because as I mentioned above I have also been reading a lot of books lately and on Sunday I picked up a copy Kathy Reich's novel Deja Dead the first book in the series that Bones is based one. Many people have said she is a good writer but it has taken me two weeks to pluck up the courage to actually purchase the novel, why two weeks you ask? Well, I though that would be obvious for you regular television watchers I don't want it ruining my show!!

O I can hear you screams of outcry 'isn't it meant to be the other way round, the television show ruining the book?' As a bookseller and a big advocate on reading I understand where you are coming from but we all know if you watched the Harry Potter films before you read the books, the films are seen as much better (I am one of the lucky ones in this department, the books were my first taste into the world of literacy) It is just like how certain books are better than the film, we have grown to love that novel so therefore nothing compares. That feeling of utter joy when you turn the page and the story unravels, well that feeling I get every time a second pasts in an episode of Bones and another clue is given into who committed the murder.

Now at the start of this post many of you must have thought I crazy, and don't worry I understand the feeling was mutual, but you cannot say that you do not feel the same way about your favourite television show and the books it was based on, take for example Gossip Girl - No one can say the show is not hands down better than the novels, can they?

Sometimes the concept that the book is better doesn't always work. I will let you know my theory once i have read Kathy novel.

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