24 March 2010

selfish and stubbon but why?

I wish in a way people would not frown upon you for making decision, or for being who you are. My example of this is when ever I tell people that I hopefully we be studying at the University of Gloucestershire and taking the course on Event Management I automatically add that people have different responses to that. Why to I shy away for saying it is what I want to do? Am I scared?

The reason is because there are some courses and jobs that some people do not see as 'clever' or 'important'. Examples that come to mind are Drama, Photography, Media, Art and Event Management. What they are is inevitably very 'new' courses that lead to exciting jobs but ones that are hard to get into or are over subscribed. Maybe even I am a little judgemental on people who take these courses, which is very contradictory of me considering I take both Drama & Photography at the moment, I admire people who become Doctors or study Science so as to find cures to diseases or people who study Maths so as to create software that enables technology to improve. I cannot decide whether this way of thinking is due to my education, living situation or if simply I am just jealous of people who are academically more intelligent.

I am someone who is very liberal, someone who strives to be accepted by many people, someone who is able to form their own opinions, someone who doesn't believe in the traditional but for some reason even with these beliefs I do judge and I judge on education and intelligence even if I am not one of the 'Elite'.

I go to a state school, I don't get given lots of money from my parents instead I work for it, I cannot spell or use grammar in the correct places, I only speak one language and still I Judge.

What gives me the right? 
What is seen to be Intelligence?

Do you Judge?


  1. Well I liked reading this. Sorry, nothing more profound,


  2. Hi I came here from the "Next Blog"button :) I'm Sinley nice to meet you! I understand what you are talking about.Though I am a medical course student I sometimes feel jealousy for friends who will go to the universities which have the higher level medical course than mine. Maybe because I hate to lose and brought up in this way.

    Anyway it was lovely to read your post:)

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  4. Such an intriguing post! I must admit, I judge far too much for my own liking although I am judged a lot more. I think the awareness of class in today's generation has a lot to do with it. I myself am a girl from a working class family, I live in a horrid city with no ambition and full of people wanting no one to succeed, i've been accepted into LCF and it's still not enough to please people. I am judgemental of these people but maybe if they didn't judge and criticize my dreams, I wouldn't despise them and wouldn't judge them either.

    I don't think intelligence is necessarily down to what you've learnt and how many facts you know, there are far more times in life when you rely on your instincts and beliefs in comparison to the things you've read from a text book.

    I'm so sorry for the long reply/rant/whatever it is classed as haha

    Kirstie Marié


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