03 March 2010

Tween Stars

I have started listening to Justin Bieber's music and I have to say I think it is very good. Many people don't enjoy his music style and that I can understand but really what gets me is when people say they hate Bieber or any tween pop star. The reason this gets me is because these people don't really know him they have never met it and this hate is based on the fact 'tweens' are all over him. It happened with the twilight stars and the Jonas brother as well as Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. I can understand that yes all of them are under the age of 25 most are under 18 and they have more money that people in their 50 but why can't we ever feel happy towards their good fortune, or as a modern generation where everyone thrives to be in the limelight and have their 15 minuets of fame are we too cold hearted to feel anything for someone who reaches that point?

These stars to some people are bad role models, that I can't see, in fact I would put it the other way round because they have been able to achieve their dream and show that really anything is possible. Maybe their parents pushed them into it, maybe they didn't but why should we care? I enjoy reading the stories about who they are dating and what is going on in their lives, i'm not obsessive i'm just interested. I have a laugh at people who post videos on youtube proclaiming their love for these pop stars and trying to prove that they are their number one fan. I think the people who say they 'hate' or at least 'dislike' these stars tend to be teenagers around the same age who are secretly slightly jealous or adults in their 20's who are annoyed they never got to that stage of money earning sooner.

I understand why people feel jealous or annoyed at these stars but really taking you 'hate' to the level of posting it on the internet is low, in actual fact to me it shows that you are interested but too self absorbed to just keep you feelings too your self. Work hard likes Justine Bieber by putting youtube videos up or sending you demos to record labels like Taylor Swift and you may end up like them. Just hope if you do that all the 'hate' comments you have said do come back and haunt you! 

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