10 May 2010

dress up time

I did that thing this morning where I change my outfit about a hundred times and ending up only have 5 minuets to eat breakfast. First the top I put on didn't go with the skirt and then I didn't like my hair and after that I changed my jacket many times. And only when I came home from school and tired my hair up and put in the leopard print scarf that i wear way too much did I finally feel happy with how I look today. Such a shame I am not going anywhere and only have school work to keep me occupied.

I really need to find some new scarfs that are as good as this one (which belongs to my mother!

I feel really important while writing this, which i believe is due to the fact I am wearing my grey heels.

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  1. I love that leopard print scarf!
    This sounds like a usual day for me. When I was younger, my father would tell me off for changing my outfits so often. How could he not comprehend the importance an outfit has? 12 outfits in the space of 30 minutes is my record.

    Kirstie Marié


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