06 May 2010

Historic night people.

O how I wish I could vote. There is nothing more infuriating than being a politics student who has such an big interest in the subject and yet being unable to vote until they are 21/22 years old!

If I could vote who would I vote for?? The Liberal Democrats of course.

I was planning of writing this post this morning in an attempt to sway undecided voters but realised that there cannot be that many people who read my blog in that position and really that would not make for an enjoyable post.

I do however want to talk about the people who can vote but choice not to. The people who just brush politics to the side because either they don't understand it or they don't trust any politician. That annoys me because undoubtedly it will be these people who will complain when a certain party gets in or when something goes wrong yet honestly they have no right as they didn't choice to vote. Now I do understand that everyone is allowed their own opinions and they can choice not to vote but when you vote for a group of people to run your country for 4 years it is kinda important and something that deserves you to think about it.

So here is my list of tips (which is why this post would have made more logical sense this morning or earlier this week!) for voters out there:

1. Look at the parties and read on their policies, think about who and what they stand for and whether they will represent the views you express or keep your interests at heart. Vote for a party that represents issues that are close to your heart or are very important to you. For example I belief that the LibDems are the party with the best policy on Nuclear Weapons: JUST GET RID OF THEM. I personally do not think that we need them even if we have them just to defenced and protect because if any other country uses them then the whole world is at the end and using ours would just made a bad situation a hell of a lot worse.

2. If you don't like any of the three major parties look in to smaller ones such as the greens. The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are not the only parties around and they won't represent everyones views.

3. Even if the smaller parties don't tickle you fancy think about who you would want out of the candidates in your local area representing your views in Westminster. Think about who is likely to reply to your emails or take an interest in local events and actually play a part in your local community.

4. Then even after doing the last three steps you still dislike all the parties and your candidates, vote tactically. Who do you not want in? And which party, if they gained your local seat, would stop them from getting in?

Really that is all there is to consider. I know almost every one who reads this and can vote has already voted but we still have 2 hours left.

Tonight i'm hoping for a hung parliament, mostly in a selfish way because I am hoping if a hung parliament arrises that they will have another election meaning I would be able to vote. But also because I think Britain wants a change and the only conceivable way to show we want change is to give no party a majority.

Basically we will be holding up our middle finger and saying screw you politics we want change.

thank you very much and I leave you with a sneak peek at my final exam photography piece (EVER)

can you tell what it is about ????

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