19 May 2010

a pre-warning

So for anyone who doesn't know next week is my last ever week @ school. Apart from my 3 exams and handing in my photography work I will no longer be a part of STAGs or secondary school, which really upsets me. I have been going to the same school for the last 7 years and even though there have been times when I have hated it I never thought I would actually leave. I have talked about how this year is a big one for me and to be honest it didn't really hit me until the start of this week, I started school when I was 4 years old and for 14 years I have known nothing different. I have gotten up at 7am, 5 days a week for the last 7 years. I have sat through countless Maths and English lessons. I have passed (and failed) exams and I have grown up. I think the thing I will miss most about school is seeing friends because no matter how many times you meet up it will never be the same as hanging out for the whole day at school, also everyone is doing something new next year. Most of my friends are going to university, just like me, all around the UK and quite a few are taking gap years. Maybe it is the realisation that I will have to grow up that scares me or the fact I will be leaving home in only a few months time. Either way I will miss STAGS I will miss the structure and the school uniform, the teachers and lessons, not to mention the canteen food and most of all the fantastic people who have made the last seven years the best they could be.

Not only is next week the end of my school life it is also the end of me going to Vicki Kitson. I started Mrs K is February of 2002 and have been going for 8 years and 3 months. She is not only a really great English tutor but a great friend and I will miss my lessons as well as the amazing typing games she has!

I do want to grow up and will have a great time when I get where i go but for now the thought of leaving what has been my life is a pretty scary thing and no doubt I will be in tears next week and you won't hear the end of it.

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  1. It sucks leaving a certain part of your life behind. I'm not really attached to my life currently, i despise college, my parents and cannot wait for uni. The only thing I will miss is my friends who like yours are going to uni all over the uk. Although it seems quite a scary thing growing up, if you consider the potential of your future it becomes far more exciting

    Kirstie Marié


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