26 May 2010


I watched Ashes to Ashes the last night and Jane you were right I was in tears when they kissed. It was very good but Gene and Alex were meant to be! 

In other television related talk I watched the Doctor Who episode from Saturday night and for the first time I was actually scared. Did anyone not get reminded of previous DW series when they watched it. The Church was like the one from series 1 "Father's Day" with Christopher Eccleston  and then when the Doctor put on the glasses to see if the creature has hot or cold blood it was the same as when David Tennant's doctor wore the 3D glasses in Series 2 "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday." That is all I could think about when I watched the episode on Saturday. 

Now tomorrow is in reality my last day of school because Friday I don't have any lessons at STAGS just the assembly and lunch. It hasn't hit me yet but it will. 

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