03 June 2010

are you LOST?

Wow it is June. Wow it is exam month. Wow I have really finished education!

Just WOW!!!!!

So I have finally watched my season 5 of Lost and then I decided I had to watch season 6 online because I could not wait for it to come out on boxset. Let me just say amazing, seriously it was epic and yes for many it was a failed ending that still left questions un-answered but it was my idea of a PERFECT ENDING. And Hurly melted my heart. I cannot wait to own the boxset and to watch the behind the scene footage.

Just EPIC was LOST. go watch NOWWWWW

Don't know if you guys have noticed by the weather is sooooo nice outside and right now I am about to head round to a friends and exersise and then home to do more photography work so that it is finished for MONDAY HAND IN date!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ok I'm going bye :)

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