13 June 2010


So my last few posts have been reviews on television and stuff, incidentally I was going to do a review on last nights WHO but instead I shall entertain you with my words of wisdom.

*so I left it for a few minuet to think about these words of wisdom. None came!*

I am not as wise as I once thought! What shall todays topic of interest be?
 Well actually there is one I have been meaning to ask.

What do you want to see on BlogByKobrak?

Because from my point of view all I do is occasionally blog, and the topics I blog about as typically sparse and random. And I want to blog more, maybe on a daily basis as I enjoy it a lot. However (yes there is one!) for me to really get involved I feel this Blog needs a purpose

It is just like how when applying for a job, you talk about your skills, well this BlogByKobrak doesn't have a skill and at the moment it isn't even in the running for the 'job'.

So help me people! Comment below with what you think BLOGBYKOBRAK should be about!


  1. I love your Who posts, because they come with pictures.

    I also like pictures of you because (in a non-stalkerish way) I like your fashion sense and dress style.

    Essentially, Who and pictures is good for me :)

  2. some more of your photography would be nice, but I think your blog's pretty great already :D x

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I like meeting fellow bloggers/gaining new blog-readers.

    I really like the layout of your blog. As for your query ("what should BlogByKobrak be about?"), I think you should blog about things you like as well as cute, daily happenings.



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