09 June 2010

Glee: Season 1

Now for anyone that doesn't know I had watched the whole first part of season one before it was broadcasted in the UK. That is because my dad downloaded the pilot when it came out in the states in July 2009, I watched the said pilot and loved it. I remember this because I kept going on about the show to Helen and then speaking to my Uncle about it when we were in Cape Cod during my summer holidays. 

It is important for me that you know that vital fact because for me to explain my feelings about the show knowing the above is helpful.


Now why so low you may ask? well the reason is simple EVERYBODY LOVES IT! 

Are you jealous Caitlin? No i'm annoyed. The thing is when I really like a television show I don't like to think that hundreds upon hundreds of people watch it, I like to believe that it is my show. Does that make sense or do I just sound really weird? 

The pilot is a 5 out of 5.  I really loved it and still have in my ipod. 
The songs are a 5 out of 5. They are epic and seriously, they can all fucking sing! 
The characters are all 5 out of 5. I adore Rachel, Finn and Jessie.
The story lines. Well there is the problem. I found them way to soap like! Some episodes and their individual narrative of those episodes were pointless, take for example when Will and Finn and Puck made a band? didn't need it! The fake pregnancy went on too long. The constant character attribute changes with Rachel are just too SOAP LIKE! 

When a show become MASSIVE such as Glee people start hating on it just because loads of people like it, some people like it because they think it is cool and Yes I know there are some people who are just big fans but it is the first two groups that I dislike. A Lot! 

Quite a few episodes in the first season could quite frankly been cut, one of those episodes is the last one in the series. (It was shown in the states last night Tuesday 8th June. Will be on in the UK next Monday) Now because I don't want to give it away I can't really talk about it but to be honest it just didn't WOW. And considering we have had some outstanding episodes in the last few months I was just left feeling disappointed and annoyed. The music was amazing, the end end part was really nice but I think a cliff hanger would have been fantastic and made me sooooo excited for the next season. At the moment I'm just not fussed.

That is why I give GLEE: SEASON 1 3 stars out of  5.

Tell me people what do you think of GLEE SEASON ONE? 

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  1. I'm confused I thought we were on the 2nd season? or was it all season 1?


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