06 June 2010

just a ...

So I updated my header, do you like the football? WORLD CUP 2010! I thought I would write a little post about stuff, not sure what stuff but hey lets see where this goes.

So the last two posts have been Doctor Who related: here is a picture of Matt Smith because I felt like it.

It is from the episode 'Amy's Choice'

I have an exam on Wednesday. A drama exam to be more exact, it is a written one. On Monday (tomorrow) I hand in all of my photography work for this year! Thats a lot of work. For anyone that is concerned, revision is going OK, don't worry it isn't bad however finishing school and then having Half-Term isn't the best for me because it hasn't hit that all I have left to do is take my exams. Half-Term means a week of freedom and the weather added to that. Who wants to do revision and photography work when the sun is shining? certainly not me! Yet I have persisted and had finished all my photography work before this weekend. Drama needs more work but Monday (all day) and Tuesday (all day) will help. As will this evening,

In fact this post is being written on Saturday 5th June, or today Sunday considering it is past 00:00! 

Anyway Life is good, stressful but not too stressful. I'm happy and relaxed (in a good way)

Have a nice Sunday :)

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