24 June 2010


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Three Names I Go By:

  1. Squishy - It was a nickname I was given when I went to Washington DC, NYC & Boston in the Easter holidays! I don't think anyone has a real understanding of where it came from but I now answer to it :)
  2. Cakes - This one is used when people write Birthday cards or on facebook. Because my name is Caitlin my brother used to call me Caketin and then that was shortened to Cakes. 
  3. CurlyWurly - This is the most common name my dad will call me, just like Squishy I have no idea where it came from but it has stuck. However it is not used in public and only my DAD calls me this :)  
Three Places I Have Been:

  1. Tuscany, ITALY - I have been lucky to have been to a lot of places around the world. Italy is one of the places we have been to 3 times for summer holidays, but Tuscany was my favourite. We went there in 2008 to stay at my Uncle Mike and Aunt Rita's house with my Oma, Grandpa John, Opa, Aunt Louise, Owen & Morgan plus Rita, Mike and Alessia & then us four. It was to celebrate Dad turning 50 and Opa turning 80 and I loved every moment of it. The thing that made it even more of a great holiday was the fact that Rita is half Italian and speaks it fluently, it was nice :)
  2. America, USA - I want to put all my trips to the Big Apple under one thing because they were all amazing. I went to LA when I was nine to see my Cousins Owen & Morgan and my Aunt Louise and Uncle Darren. That was a fantastic trip because I went to my first Build-a-Bear and because I thought I was so cool. Then in 2009 I went to NYC & CapeCod with the family, that was a great trip as in CapeCod we spent a week with Louise, Darren, Owen & Morgan and I hadn't seen my uncle for 8 years! (that is what happens when you live on different sides of the world!) And then In easter of 2010 I went to Washington DC, NYC & Boston and this one was on a School trip and I loved it. Now when watching WestWing I understand where the places are, which makes me feel very clever !! 
  3. Barcelona, SPAIN - Another fantastic Holiday with the family. I loved this trip because it was 2007 and I was given my Nikon DSLR camera early (My Birthday is the 31st August) for this holiday, I felt so cool and took so many pictures! The place we rented was also beautiful and this is when i started listening to the band, We Are Barcelona! 
Three Favourite Drinks:
  1. Irn Bru - Just SCOTTISH 
  2. Dr Pepper - Blame my Dad!
  3. Peach Iced Tea - Both the fizzy drink you get in Europe and the actual Iced Tea from the States! 
Three TV- Shows I Watch:

  1. Doctor Who - Does it need explaining? 
  2. LOST - again just like above!
  3. West Wing - Utterly FANTASTIC :)
Three Places I Would Like To Visit:

  1. Australia 
  2. Hong Kong 
  3. Portland, Oregon, USA
Three Favourite Retro TV-Shows: 
  1. Saved By the Bell
  2. & 3. Can't think of anymore. 
Three Places I Have Lived:
  1. St Albans, Herts, UK
  2. Greenwich, London, UK
Three Favourite Dishes:

  1. Veggie Burgers
  2. Noodles 
  3. Cheese Beanos
Three Things I am looking Forward To: 

  1. Going to Berlin with Friends!
  2. My Birthday
  3. University 

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