29 July 2010


Now this is the first of a few of MY FAVOURITE BLOGGERS!
I started reading the Asian Cajuns blog quite a while back while they were still on blogger and was really taken by how imaginative yet functional their outfits were, I enjoyed the combination of fashion and personal life posts. Still to this day I check their blog daily and when ever they post a new blog I have a massive smile on my face from reading it. They are amazing bloggers who share stunning looks and manage to inspire and excite me with every post.

I asked them a few questions and below are their answers. Go and check out their blog and follow them!

When did you start blogging and why?

We wrote our very first post on April 26, 2007 and initially started blogging just so our mom in D.C. could see what we were up to in Atlanta. Although we didn't start out thinking AsianCajuns would be a style blog, we were heavily influenced by Agathe of Stylebytes.net. We loved her mix of outfits and daily life in Oslo. We also realized there weren't any Atlanta style bloggers at the time and thought we could show off how great our adopted city is.


What are you favourite 3 bloggers and why?  

Such a tough question! There are sooooo many great blogs and our favorites change out all the time. At the moment we're loving:

1.) Getting Beat Like You Stole Something
http://gettingbeatlikeyoustolesomething.com/. Like peaking into the mind of a super stylish guy. Jon has a definitive look that he sticks with and his photo safaris allow us to live vicariously through him as he travels through NYC and Asia.

2.) Siggelicious.v.4.3 
http://www.siggelicious.net/. You have to use Google Translate for this one, but I've loved this blog for years. It's a style/architecture/graphic design Norwegian blog. Plus the author just had the cutest little baby ever!

3.) Cheating here, two in one: Wrecked Stellar 
http://wreckedstellar.wordpress.com/ and Style with Benefits http://stylewithbenefits.com/ -  fellow twin style bloggers. How can we not love them?!  

When you blog, what is it that you think about? Who do you blog for?

As simple as it sounds, we try to post about stuff that makes us happy. It's easy to get caught up in trying to be like the uber big fashion bloggers, but at the end of the day, successful blogs are great because they're personal. So we try to blog about stuff we love and hope others enjoy it too!


Do you think that growing up in this media generation makes you life more open? 

Absolutely! We love "meeting" so many talented bloggers from around the world. It's so satisfying to know there are others out there that love the same things as you. We've also meet so many wonderful people in Atlanta through the blog that we can't imagine not having AsianCajuns.com. 

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  1. Love Laur and Cath! They are not only super stylish, but they are also super sweet and genuine! I love that they also share so much about Atlanta- it gives me a great glimpse into the culture down there!

  2. Lauren and Catharine are the shizz. Seriously one of the first blogs I've read and still one of my all time favorites.

    Great interview always fun hearing more about people.


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