07 July 2010



Yes I missed 400! Damn that wasn't any good! 


So my question is in relation to your video blog. What was on your head? I kept trying to see it but couldn't tell. (DEMETRE-CLAN)

It was a scarf. Actually it is my mum's scarf! I get very lazy with washing my hair and straightening it or even just using a hair dryer so in a lot of cases I tie my hair up and in an attempt to have a more exciting look I add a scarf.

Not everyone likes it, In face a lot of people dislike it. But I like wearing them and tend to wear them a lot due to laziness and also not wanting 'boring' hair! 

Also how do you respond on the video blog, couldn't figure out how to do that, other than leave a comment here? Is there another place to leave the info? (DEMETRE-CLAN)

Here is the link to my VIMEO account (CLICK ME) which will allow you to watch other videos that are on there and comment on them. I hope that is kind of what you wanted :) 

What did you think of the Doctor Who finale? (LAURA BLAKE)

It was AMAZING! However I much preferred the first of the two episodes, because I just couldn't see how they would get out of it. There was scope for a really good cliff hanger, they missed that which made it less THRILLING! But none the less a really good finale. 

Still the best finale EVER is series 2. ROSE AND THE DOCTORS HEART BREAKING GOOD BYE :( 

What did you think of Matt Smith as a whole? (LAURA BLAKE) 

Matt Smith is very good. And Yes i have said that about all of the Doctors since the re-newal of Doctor Who but it has been true every time. They pick fantastic actors to play these characters. 

The reason I like him is because watching the first episode of this series you could tell he had characteristics that were so similar to David Tennant's Doctor, and he is younger and quite good looking (appealing to the eye is always very nice!) 

If you could meet up with anyone (actors) from Doctor Who, who would it be, and what would you do for a day with them? (JANE.)

DAVID TENNANT! Hands down because he is amazing! (can it be more than one? WellI am making it more than one!) JOHN BARROWMAN because he is also amazing! and then BILLIE PIPER as she is just the best companion EVER & amazing! And I would like to hang out with them individually me thinks because then you get to know them better. 

With Billie I would want to go for Lunch at a nice restaurant and talk. She seems like the sort of person who would be fantastic to have a natter with! 

John and I would go shopping! Not clothes shopping but 'house' shopping. I can imagine him being very good at finding really cool stuff that would be perfect for a house. 

and then DAVID :) I would go for a walk with him. In Scotland, in the hills and country side. A Scottish highland walk like I used to do when we went down to Grandma's and Grandpa's into the hills. That would be how I would spend my day with each of them :) 

But if I could only meet one it would be David Tennant :)

Your top three favourite shops? (JANE.)

Waterstones is amazing :) And i'm not just saying that because I work there, but because it sells books and books are a wonderful thing :) 

H&M is another of my favourite shops as the clothes their can be fantastic. (However the shop in town, not that good. Watford one is much better) 

and then HMV. It sells DVDs. I love DVDs. 

Your top three favourite places to eat in St Albans? (full meals, pasties, coffees all acceptable answers!) (JANE.)

I love Pizza Express and the one in Town will always have important and fond memories as we went (and still go) all the time when ever my Grandparent's come down! 

The shake shack, sells amazing milkshakes and on a Monday they upgrade your regular for a large with no extra charge! 

Then there is Starbucks, how can you not like their drinks and sandwiches ? they are amazing. Starbucks always reminds me of amazing when we went last year with family to Cape Cod and my aunt had her Starbucks card and my mum and her got a drink from there almost every day :) 

If you could instantly become fluent in another language, which language would you pick? (VIA FORMSPRING)

Italian :) Hands down. Because of my Aunt speaking it fluently and my Cousin Alessia growing up learning both Italian and English. It would come in useful and I find be a lot of fun to know! 

Have you broken any bones? If so, how? (VIA FORMSPRING)

I have broken a bone in my foot and I did so by running! That sounds worse and more stupid that it was. I first fell on it badly while jumping on a trampoline  and weakened it and then when I fell running I fell on it weirdly and was stupid enough to fall on the already weakened part! 

What's your favourite season of the year? (VIA FORMSPRING)


What's your dream car? (VIA FORMSPRING)

A mini, or at least that is my reasonable dream car. If i could have anything it would be a sleek looking black sports car that cost a lot. I would also have to have someone driving. 

If you could only listen to one album for the next month, which would it be? (VIA FORMSPRING)


and already the judgement has started. Her new album is amazing and is all I have been listening to for the last week. I could do another 3 weeks. easy! 

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