24 July 2010

Sherlock review

Caitlin: I just watched Sherlock! 
Person A: SORRY WHAT? It isn't on the television till tomorrow night!
Caitlin: Yes I know. But I watched it on a DVD Preview
Person A: O, cool. Was it any good?
Caitlin: Yes. And below is a list of reasons why I liked & enjoyed it (without giving anything away!)

The characters are so similar to that of the original and the film that it works. You can tell that even though this is a new Sherlock Holmes it has not changed. It works well in a modern environment without losing the spark that made it a fantastic series of books, television shows and a very popular film! The relationship between Watson and Sherlock is just perfect in a normal and realistic way, you can see the friendship forming. The script is witty and funny. Sherlock comes across as intelligent & more clever but in a way that is understood and non offensive. Watson I feel has a greater role. He is the audience as we are taken into the story with him and find out information and fact when he does, he becomes his own person.


It could have been perfect if it was faster paced and not so long, therefore with much regret it only gets 3.9 out of 5. On acting alone hands down 5 out of 5, storyline sadly 3 out of 5. Together nearly a 4. 

Have fun watching it. 

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