20 July 2010

Whatever happened to mystery?

THE theory appears to be that if you never shut up, no one can forget you. And that to shut up is to withdraw from life. I was seated not long ago next to a magazine editor, discussing a former glamour girl who had disappeared to a farm in South America. “I think it’s cool she was able to go cold turkey on being a celebrity,” I said. The editor answered sadly: “Really? I see it as giving up.” (By BEN BRANTLEY Published: July 16, 2010 on the NewYorkTimes website) 

I fall into this category, that of the magazine editor, sadly. I say it with regret because I would love to be different and no longer be concerned with how strangers perceive me. Could I ever delete my twitter? my youtube page? my facebook account? or even my blog? I feel that deleting any is asking two much but alas I could live without any of those sites except my blog. For the week I was in Berlin I felt no desire to use the internet, why would I! I was away with some of my best friend, my family were only a phone call away and reading newspapers can actual inform you with information. Don't worry it shocked me as well!

The thing is I would be hands down lying if I ever said the way I am perceived by strangers does not effect me. I want people to like me. I laugh a lot because, mostly i find pretty much everything funny and I have things to laugh about, but also because if people see me laughing I think it will make them like me. Sad? Obviously! But being on the internet and telling people things about myself helps in creating a perception that people do in fact like me. I understand that we don't need to 'tweet' everything we do including eating dinner, because frankly who cares? Nor do we have to upload loads of pictures onto Facebook in an attempt to show how amazing our lives are and how popular we are. Because none of these things matter. In 10 years time what do you want to be remembered for? The pictures on facebook of you drunk and throwing up or showing you boobs to everyone when you got a little bit too tipsy? No in 10 years time when I will be 27 turning 28 I want to be known for the NOW not the past. 

I promised at the start of this summer that I would blog everyday, looking back at the posts I have made on this blog I have realised that there is no point. I wrote shit and I complained. I made excuses about school, revision and exams and then proceeded to write crap about crap. And then a few days ago I started to write an actual post about something I was actually interested in, then on saturday I wrote another post that I really got into. It then dawned on me that actually instead of writing a load of crap actual sentences were forming and the sentences were making paragraphs and actual what I was saying wasn't so bad.

I have to admit that the only reason there are not loads of spelling mistakes is because of the spell check. And most likely the grammar is in all the wrong places. But ignoring that I would like to think that what you are reading has structure and meaning. 

By the way for all who care I am deleting my youtube account. 

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