10 August 2010

Are you satisfied?

I just can't write anything that is coherent or has a subject.

This is my fourth attempt.

I am not satisfied nor am I particularly happy.

I have so much I want to write about but to put these thoughts down as words is proving harder than it should be. It is like my teacher have always said, I start strongly but then rear of topic wanting to included everything I know, meaning it becomes unstructured and hard to read. 

I will carry on trying but for now I leave you with this song and the question:



  1. Firstly, love love love Marina and the Diamonds

    Secondly, no but I'm hopefully on my way to satisfaction (see recent blog post)


  2. Love Marina & The Diamonds! This has to be by far one of my favourite songs of hers.

    I have felt many times like you do right now, sometimes there are days when you just feel so uninspired. Unfortunately, I think there is no cure, only patience which I don't have enough of.

  3. Love that song :)
    I always find that i have some epiphany in the early hours of the morning but when it comes to writing it down either in the morning (where i cant remember the sophisticated words) or right there in the night (too messy handwriting) it never makes sense, i cant ever re-capture it so others can truly get what i mean.
    and no, i'm not satisfied but i am beginning to realize what i need to do but right now i don't have the courage too believe and follow my dreams.
    hope things sort out for everyone


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