22 August 2010


Jane thanks for the link. It was an amazing room. (have saved quite a few pictures!)

So thank you all for the comments in my last post, it is such a relief that everything went ok. I was going to talk more about results in my last post but I was too excited to sit down and focus on the blog, so I took an hiatus. But alas every time I try and walk away from this blog and the internet in general I find myself back on there within minuets, it which I read through endless blogs and check facebook every few seconds. I have no idea why I cannot just walk away and do something else but I am drawn back every time!

With my results I told you I got a B in Photography & a B in Drama and then a D in Politics. In parts I did better than I thought I would and in other parts, a little worse.

For Photography I was really hopping to achieve the B grade, I got a C last year, and I put a lot of work in to my coursework & exam piece and I am glad it all paid off!

With Drama the B grade was a massive shock as I didn't think it was possible considering I got a D grade last year. With Drama I got a B grade my coursework which was fantastic but the big think is that for the written exam which I did in June I came out with an A grade.  AN A GRADE FOR A WRITTEN EXAM! Seriously that was the biggest shock & most amazing thing ever.

With Politics I was hoping to get a C grade but was thinking it would be more like a D  because of the U grade I got in January. However in the re-take I did (the one I got the U in) I came up with a B grade. I put a hell of a lot of work into that exam and a B grade is more than I could ever ask, but then I messed it up by getting a U grade in the second exam! 

To be honest I am ecstatic with what I came out with, and really all I wanted was to get into my University (which I did!) The grades just boost my confidence and tell me I can do it when I put the effort in! 

I hope everyone who got results last Thursday got what they wanted. 
And to all my friends I am so Proud of you guys. 


  1. hopefully I can do as well in my a2. Well done on your results and uni place you really do deserve it. xXx

  2. good for you, love! congratulations...


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