18 August 2010

I missed my birthday.

Celebrating 90 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote

I missed my third birthday! It was on the 12th of August. Isn't that weird I started blogging in 2007 when I was 15 years old! 15!! And look at me now 13 days away from turning 18! 

Today is 90 years since America gave the vote to Women, how nice! It was at the bottom of google and I felt like I should announce it to you. Maybe you didn't know that fact and now you can wow your friends with this amazing knowledge. 

I decided to play around this the blogger design area because my friend Jane  edited her blog and it looked really fancy and I was like OMFG I want it. Also i get bored real easy and changing the look seemed like a fun think to do to help get me back into blogging mood. 

So my topic of conversation today is growing up because not only am I celebrating this blogs THIRD birthday or turning 18, I am also getting my A Level results tomorrow which will determine whether I have gotten into University.  You may say that this is all very exciting, I say it is bloody scary. 

I mean seriously I have had to think about money and finding a job and do 'adult' things. I think the problem with growing up is that there is no manual. I mean think about it a manual would really help, it could explain thinks like what to look for when getting a bank account or what a mortgage is. It is like when you have children and people always say it would be great if someone told me all this before, like how to change a nappy. But the think is with babies there are books, books that help new parents. But with adulthood there isn't anything! However I most likely wouldn't read a big book full of writing, it would need pictures and short chapters. 

The thing about growing up is that at some stage you are no longer thought of as a child, people 10 of 15 years older than you treat you the same as people their own age, you are given responsibilities in which the outcome effects people. You can no longer use the phrase 'I don't know what I am doing' or 'but i'm just a kid.' You are expected to be able at the age of 18 to know what you want to do and are expected to go out and do it. But the thing is No one tells you how to get there! 

Growing up means learning. But learning what? You have already spent 14 years in education learning things but that doesn't help you, no my friends you are expected to carry on learning things. And this time they don't teach you them in school. LIFE LESSONS! When I was younger growing up meant being able to buy what you want with you money, getting to choose what subject you learn at school and being able to watch 15 films. Now growing up means getting a good degree and thinking about the debt we will be in. 

For the last few hours the dreaded butterfly feeling of dread has been building up inside me. I used to be able to say 'well these exams are not the end of the world' but theses exams ARE! If I don't get the grades needed I will not be able to go to University and gain the skills needed for the job I think I want to do, instead I will have to take a year out and either do another AS level at STAGS/Oakland's or apply for a full time job maybe see if I could do work experience or just hide away and hibernate. Hibernating is my favourite idea. 

If this is what growing up feels like, I don't want to do it. I want to be like PeterPan! 


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  1. good luck honey I've got this feeling it's telling me your going to do great :)


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