06 August 2010

I wanted to come back and swamp you with pictures of my family holiday to Nice. To rave about the weather and the ice cream and to talk at length at the books I read the people I saw. I wanted to come back and blog about interesting news and opinions on certain topics, to rant about the stresses of university and waiting for results.

I didn't want to come back after my holiday and hide, to push away any responsibility and just want to pretend nothing was happening. Most of all I didn't want to crash back to reality.

While we were away, and this is very hard to write, we found out that a very dear family member (My Aunt's father) passed away from a sudden heart attack. I have never experienced a death in my family and this hit very painfully because Ratan is the most unbelievable kindest man in the world, he is extremely funny and brings people together. It was very sudden and out of the blue and most of the family, including my aunt and her sister, were out of the country. The funeral was held on Wednesday the 4th (the day after we came back) and since then I have not really been in the mood to do anything.

There is a lot I could say about everything that has happened but for now I will leave you with this simple message.

Don't regret not spending time with your family, value them and most of all love them. 


  1. sorry for your loss, if you need to talk or anything i'm here

  2. Yeah it was really good, and good good. Summer's going really good, looking forward - ish more anxious to find out.


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