26 August 2010

Nice family holiday 2010

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Apartments we passed on our way in to the centre.
This square had the best ice cream shop EVER will hundreds of flavours! 
Can you say you are not impressed by this Yaught! It has a Helicopter pad.
This was mine and Shaun's bedroom in the house we rented for the first 7 days.
And then this is the Hotel room Mum and I stayed in for the last three days. 

Nice was a fantastic holiday, even with the sad news. The Hotel we stayed in was amazing and was a special treat because usually we stay in rented apartments or houses when we go away. The sun was out all the time and my favourite part of the holiday was the Harbour, where all the Yaught's were. We walked passed it every time we went into the centre of Nice and had many dinners around that part. It was fantastic. 

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  1. That picture at the top with your Mum's head on your shoulder? You look so pretty!

    And your brother's Iron Man tshirt is AMAZING!


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