30 August 2010

This is my friend Katie

As friends go, she is pretty spectacular. We have been in the same form since 2003 but it wasn't until Year 11 (or was it year 10?)  that we really started to become friends.
Now Katie is a truly great friend, who listens & cares ....
..... however she is going away for 1 whole year, and no NOT TO PRISON. 
In fact she is taking a Gap Year and instead of going to University like most of my friends in September on the 30th of August she is heading to a boat. 
No I did not just make that up, she is living on a boat. She will be working (and please let this be right and for me not to come across as a complete idiot & a really BAD friend) Her job will be working as a team member who take (scout or youth groups) on sailing trips/teach them to sail/supervise them while they do activities.
As you can tell it is a pretty big thing to do. Katie already knows most of the people she will be working with next year, so I know she will have an amazing time. 
However I am just sad to have to say goodbye to her so soon. I know she will have an amazing time and that everything she does and learns will be so worthwhile but none the less KATIE I LOVE YOU & WILL MISS YOU. 


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