10 September 2010

face up and grow some

(picture NOT taken by me)
Sometimes there are many things which scare us. 

Me: I am scared of change. Spiders, bugs, most animals in general. I am scared of responsibility and I'm scared of people not liking me

The spiders and bugs and most animals in general doesn't affect me to much, after 18 years of having lived with it I have grown accustomed. 

But the change, well thats a big thing. 

Never before have I needed this to really scare me or make me anxious but as I have mentioned before I am heading to University in less than two week, and that will involve change. When I say change I mean big changes, new schools, a job, moving house that sort of thing, things which really do effect you as a person that mean facing up to responsibility. 

Responsibility is on my list because I am affraid of doing anything wrong because I don't want people not to like me, really I just have a circle of things which scare me.

change - responsibility - not being liked 

The fact of the matter all of the above things which scare me I have to face up to and along with that I have to accept that things will change and I will have to take responsibility on and in the end there will be people who won't like me, just like there are people I don't particularly like. 


What are you doing this September? 

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  1. This month I have to find some way of doing my Maths GCSE after West Herts college told me on Wednesday that they cancelled the course last week.

    I have declined an internship and paid work in order to have done that course, and now I'm screwed.

    So now I have to find some way of getting onto a course somewhere. It looks like it'll be Barnfield College in Luton (if they still have places) or St Albans Tutors, but their terms are full time and don't work with my plans/schedule for the year ahead.

    Obviously I can't go to Uni until I get the grade (if I ever do) so this is a serious stress for me right now. That's what I'm doing this month.

    Good luck with yours.


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