18 September 2010

the most amazing bag in the world EVER

So I am off to University tomorrow
So nervous & scared and un-prepared. 

However I do have my new bag
The most amazing bag that ever existed.

Peter Pilotto's bag for Kipling. My dear readers I saw the above advert in October's issue of Elle magazine UK & I just melted. I was in love, I looked at that page almost everyday and went on Kipling's website to see when they would be out. The website has a countdown, the countdown was long. It was just under 2 weeks! 2 WHOLE WEEKS! And then it hit me, the bags would come out on Friday the 17th of September & I would be leaving on Sunday the 19th of September. I wouldn't get the bag in time because I would order it & it would arrive while I was in University! 

And then Thursday rolled around, on Thursday the 16th of September the bags from the collection appeared on the website, I could finally see what was around & pick my favourite one. I loved them all. But the deciding question was WOULD MY LAPTOP FIT INTO THE BAG! How practicality took over, I could not tell from the pictures if my laptop would fit. Then I realised that it didn't matter I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO ORDER THE BAGS FROM THE WEBSITE. SO I really did need to see the bags in person. But where & how? I was leaving in three days & the Kipling bags were not on sale in STA.

I shouldn't have worried, I could just go into London of Friday. 

Yes that is what I will do. 

So I did.

And I got to the Kipling store on Oxford Street around 10.40

By 10.55 I was the proud owner of THE AMAZING BAG PICTURED ABOVE

I was the first person in the Oxford Street store to have purchased one & screw being weird for how excited I was about 'a bag.'

But this is not just a bag, it is me in a bag, it is the perfect bag. It was THE ONE

Yes there was an anti-climax to the story because all i did was hop on a train but it you were my mother you would understand. I have been going on about these Peter Pillotto bags for weeks. 

What can I say I was in LOVE with a bag. 
A Kipling bag.


  1. Great bag, I agree, once I read on and saw you did't HAVE to wear it like that girl! AND I wish you all sorts of MERDE for your first day at uni. Trust me, you will remember it a hundred years from now... And from this here corner of the world, I know you will do great, and blossom, why should you stop now??
    Big huge fat great aunt kiss

  2. great bag! Can I have it? :D

    LOVE you lots and you'll LOOOVVE UNI! SO DONT WORRY!!! xxxxxx

  3. Thats so cool you were the first person! The bag looks lovely! :)


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