15 September 2010

The most self indulged and un-modest post I have ever written.

There are moments in life when I think to myself, you know what I am actually a pretty fantastic person

These said moments happen rarely but I had one last weekend when I did my last day at Waterstones (St.Albans.) For people who don't know Waterstones is a bookstore chain around the UK and I started work there from November 2008 to December 2008 and then from June 2009 to September 2010. It is a fantastic place to work and on Saturday when I left and my Boss said to me, "Thank you Caitlin you have been fantastic to work with and we will miss you," I realised I was fucking fantastic at my job. 

I am a people person, I love talking to people about things I love and books is one of them. I was, and screw being modest, fantastic at the till because I liked to talk to the customers & I smiled. Smiling helps! I did the work & stacking shelves. I enjoyed the Kids department & cleaned up. I got on with the staff because they are a fantastic bunch of people who are just brilliant. I was sad to leave because I realised I had been very lucky to have had such a good Boss, amazing work colleges & done something that I enjoyed and was interested in. 

Even though I am sad to have left I now know that I can do University & that I can work. 

I am a pretty great person if I do say so myself. 

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