30 October 2010

Amazon Associates Programme


You may have noticed thats there are now a few adverts for amazon products on my blog. And many of you may be thinking, why?

Well now is where I answer that question. I tend to purchase a lot from amazon and I think it is a fantastic site to find books, DVDs and music at very good prices. On top of that I like to recommend things to people if I think they are really good such as books and films, which all comes from my previous job working in a book shop. I am also a student and because I no longer have a job I do need to make some money so that I cannot only work as starting to stand on my own two feet but because I want to be able to give something back to my wonderful parents who are supporting me so much with paying for university.

I have joined up with amazon so that if you as a reader purchased something I recommended I make a little bit of money from that order.

Many people may see this as false advertising and selling out but I see it as an opportunity. I am studying a full time degree in which I not only have a lot of work to complete but as part of my course have to find work experience in the event industry which means it is harder for me to commit to a regular job. So when I saw this opportunity I thought to myself this is perfect because I would be doing what I already do which is when I buy something or read a book which is amazing I tell you guys about it.

I am not saying to you BUY IT all I am doing is giving you a platform to do so if you want & making some money while doing it.

I wanted to be honest and open about it with you, hopefully this will not stop you from reading my blog or make you less trustful of my opinions. This blog is a big part of who I am and is something I take a lot of time thinking about and making it the best it can possibly be. I am open to suggestions and you own opinions about what you think about my blog and the decisions I make.

I want you as the reader to understand why I have decided to go down this road and what it means for this blog, because Yes there will be more reviews of books and such not just because of the money but also because over the last few months I have purchased a few products that I really want to show you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Caitlin Kobrak

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