30 October 2010

why i love my parents.

I miss the way you tell me off for kissing you goodnight when the football is on.
I miss the hugs and stupid faces you make.
I miss your high-pitched voice when you pretend to be mum on the phone.
I miss climbing on you and holding you close.
I miss you waking me up in the morning and pulling my curtains open.
I miss the arguments and the way you get stressed.
I miss watching CSI with you.
I miss your music playing in the living room.
I miss when you get the sunday papers.
I miss your cooking.
I miss you calling just to let us know you are leaving work.
I miss you coming into my bed and ignoring me while talking to chuckles. 
I miss you reaction when I put my fingers on your glasses just to leave marks. 
I miss you waiting up late for me.
I miss the radio being on 5live.

I miss you dad, I really do. 

I miss the kisses.
I miss the hugs.
I miss ringing you when you were in meetings.
I miss the salmon.
I miss how you would always pick me up or take me places.
I miss your smile.
I miss the help.
I miss watching you work on the computer, knowing how much quicker I would be :)
I miss you making yourself a green tea in the advert breaks.
I miss hearing you ring grandma & grandpa.
I miss coming up to your room when I come home late & kissing you goodnight.
I miss coming up to your room and seeing to playing on the DS.
I miss you at your desk working out all the important stuff.
I miss when you go out to your book group.
I miss your glass of wine.

I miss you mum, I really do.

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