08 October 2010

You are?

Some people might be kind enough to be thinking to themselves, "Hey Caitlin is at Uni I fully understand why the blog hasn't been updated, all that work and staying out late, we should just give her time to settle in"

If you are thinking like that then all I can say is a massive thank you. The work load is high but I haven't really done any of it and yes the staying out late till 3am does happen but not as often as you may think, the lack of blogging is pure laziness. I could have milked it, waited for the sympathy and understanding comments to sweep in but hey honesty is really the best policy.

And actually that is what todays blog post is all about, not honesty (however good that could be) but comments. Not just the comments but the followers and the readers, the number of hits per day really the whole exciting business that is STATS.

Now for the readers and followers who are not interested in hearing me talk statistics don't worry I can only go so far with that before I start to loose the will to live. This post is more about what many modern bloggers look for when they start up their blog, recognition.

I am lucky, three years ago when I started blogging it wasn't about how many people followed you or getting sent free things. Blogging was fairly new when I started of at least it wasn't such a big platform for social media, for many it was a space to vent frustration or to publish own work. Many people, like myself, used it as a way to communicate with family and friends however that idea has developed and now many sites such as Elle Uk have blogs online. Blogging has joined the likes of facebook, twitter and YouTube in the social media world and is viewed by some people as a stepping stone on to greater things.

If you have been visiting my blog lately you would have seen a blog stat count on the right hand side and below that there was my list of followers. I put these up because I am interested to see who is reading my blog and yes in part I want to feel like this blog is reaching more than just my parents. We all want to be appreciated for the hard work we put into things, at school and at work being told we are doing a good job boosts our confidence, I look for that confidence builder on this blog through comments and followers. Blogger has a feature where you can see how many people visit your blog each day, week, month, year and I love this. I read many blogs and most of them I am not following nor do I leave comments after reading a post, this is why the stat feature allows bloggers such as myself to get an understanding of who our blog is reaching. For example yesterday (7/10/10) I received 20 page views. None of these people commented on my blog of start following me, however knowing that a few people came to my blog and maybe read a few posts fills me with so much pride. I do not care about gaining followers (I am grateful for them because they are interested in my writing and in what I have to say) it is more about knowing that a few people have taken a few minuets out of their day to sit down and hear my opinions and views and that the time I spend on here is not wasted.

Obviously this blog has lost structure and in fact I think the topic has changed slightly because I started off talking about how there are a few people who think blogging is a way to become famous on the internet, however I have no evidence to back it up. I have no idea what point I was trying to make. It is not 1.36am and for the last two hours I have been trying to sleep, I am too excited because my Mum is coming for the weekend and after three weeks without seeing any of my family I am VERY VERY EXCITED. Sleep is out of the question.

One thing I would like to ask you before you go is would you be offended if I disabled comments? 


  1. YES

    No, do what you want!
    Commenting's nice though, I like being able to reply to your things, and reading what other people say

  2. I like the commenting but as laura said it's up to you.


    ps Wooo Stats!


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