14 November 2010

Ellie Levenson (again!)

Do you remember I wrote about the Author Ellie Levenson here & here. Well I am writing about her again because she is coming out with another book. 

'50 Campaigns to Shout About' Sadly this is not out until February 2011 but you can already pre-order it for £8.99 (which is what I may have to do!) 

Now in case you didn't know I am part of my Universities Amnesty society and have always taken an interest in certain causes, however due to both lack of information and confidence I have never actually actively campaigned. I missed the student protest in London last Wednesday due to not knowing anyone from my university who was going and also amount of work (I regret not going immensely!) However this book is here to help and I cannot wait to get my own copy. 

If you want to read any of Ellie Levenson's work check out her book 'The Noughtie Girl's Guide to Feminism' one of my favourite books. 


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