11 November 2010

This post is a little bit overdue

 So the pictures above are of my room at university. The reason they are so late in being part of my blog is because my new lovely camera (pictured below) died on me in my second week, I had to wait till my mum came up before she could take it home to get it fixed (it was a birthday present & they had la paperwork) they sent it off and alas 1month later I get it back! The reason why they are up tonight is because I have an exam tomorrow morning and anything to get me out from sitting down and reading more slides and trying to remember quotes many academics have said is deemed at this hour to be much more important. Also I want to watch the new episode of misfits so am waiting up for that to go online!

However while taking all the pictures and uploading them I have been listening to this morning's Chris Moyles show on iplayer catch up. This is fantastic all 3 and a half hours :) I miss waking up early enough to listen to him. 

Yes you heard me right I do not get up before 10 when Chris is no longer on air. So what? I AM A STUDENT :)

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  1. I must say student life is looking rather awesome :) and misfits <3 xXx


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