13 November 2010


I have just spend the last hour and 45 minuets on net-a-porter adding things to my basket that I would buy if I was really really rich. My order came to £24,600 then with a few cuts of items I was unsure of and thought I wouldn't wear, I got the cost down to just over £21,000. The problem is that I am not really really rich in fact I am a student who lives off my parents more than I did when I was at home. I will not find £21,000 anytime soon and if I did sadly it would not be spend on clothes it would be saved to pay of my student loan. Yes thats right my student loan will be around £25,000. And after reading a wonderful post by Jane I felt I should talk to you about my views on the increase in tuition fees.

I studied politics for two years and have always been an avid supporter of the LibDems, sadly I was not 18 in the last election but would tell anyone who would listen, and some who wouldn't, that they should vote for the Liberals. I thought their policies on student tuition fees was not only fantastic but practical, they stated they could no longer go through with plans to scrap tuition fees due to the economy but were adamant they would vote against any increase. I felt so strongly that this party was the perfect party for our future, a clean break, just like Labour was seen to be in 1997. However I was proven wrong when Vince Cable and Nick Clegg went against their word.

I have seen Nick Clegg speak twice and both times I went away with the feeling of someone actually taking an interest in what people wanted, he talking to you not at you like many politicians do and it was one of the reason I felt the LibDems were much stronger. In the debates leading up to the 2010 election Nick Clegg was by far the better candidate between the three and it showed, he gained a lot of respect and support and is why they gained more votes in local elections. 

When I heard that Vince Cable was going to back the Conservatives plan to increase the tuition fees to a shocking number I was generally shocked and it was then that I knew the LibDems have blown any chance they have to gaining power in the Government. 

I am paying around £3,200 a year to study my course on top of that I am getting another £3,000 as a maintenance loan, this calculates over my four year course at around £25,000 in debt when I leave. The idea is that students will be paying between £6,000 - £9,000 a year to study their selected course, not including the maintenance loan that means they are already going to be £25,000 in debt after three years if we calculate that they will have to increase the maintenance loan as well it is around £30 - 35,000 in debt. To some people an extra £5 - 10,000 isn't much and the argument the Government is making is that on average students with degrees will make an extra £30- 40,000 in their salary compared to people with out a degree and it provides "greater choice for students with a stronger focus on high quality teaching" (bbcnews.co.uk) However students studying art degrees earn below the average when graduated, therefore with the amount they have to pay back it doesn't make sense for students wanting to peruse art to go into the university system. And the idea it gives 'greater choice' to students is a load of bullshit because 16 and 17 year olds will no longer just choice universities on grade barriers but will have to take into account how much debt they want to be in.

Because I am at university I know that the teaching hours as sparse and that I get hardly any help academically. I have 10 hours of lectures and teaching time a week. The rest of the work is independent and consists of reading tasks and note taking. I decided to go to university and study event management because I knew I wasn't ready to go out and work and that there are so many skills involved that I still have to learn, university suited me. However if I was applying to go in 2012 and study my course and be expected to pay between £6,000 to £9,000 I wouldn't go. Simple as that. Think about medical students who go to university for around 5 to 7 years, they already pay astronomical amounts to do jobs that are indispensable to society and here we are saying to them you can go and study to become doctors and the likes where you will help save peoples lives & maybe even help develop the cure to many diseases but we want to charge you so much more money to do so!

These people are the next generations of politicians and doctors, the ones who are going to take over the jobs already held by these hypocritical idiots who think they know best. These government ministers went to 'top-end' universities for nothing and here they are saying you students are getting away too lightly! 

The think that annoys me the most out of this whole fiasco is the fact no one really talks about how the 'lower middle class' are in many ways effected to the same extent as the 'working class.' I know a few students at my university whose parents earned just over the barrier to get more money in their maintenance loans, however the reason they parents earned more is because they have more than one job in order to be able to pay the bills. These parents cannot afford to help their child out if something went wrong or they couldn't pay all their fees. 

I think the idea that raising tuition fees and cutting all help the government give universities is diabolical because they are talk about how important education is yet they find it the easiest to cut. Students will not be getting better teachers if they pay more nor will they get more teaching help or even a guarantee that when the leave they will get a job. 

We knew this is what we were getting when the Conservative went in but the Liberal Democrats really let the side down. I can tell you something they have lost all respect from me. 


  1. Have you seen this http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/nov/12/lib-dems-tuition-fees-clegg?CMP=twt_fd

    By the way love the picture :)


  2. I totally agree. As a LibDem I don't really know where I stand anymore. How does Mr Clegg expect to stay in 'power', or whatever he thinks he is, now?

    Your last paragraph sums up my feelings exactly.


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