07 December 2010

How to become an event manager: INTRODUCTION

Event management is a job that sounds nice and exciting. And don't get me wrong it can be, however when thinking about making this your career remember to add in the boring aspects that everyone has to face in their ideal job. For example health and safety forms, risk assessments forms, applying for licences, emergency procedures and first aiders, the budget as well as staff and volunteers etc.

When I applied to study Event management I didn't take into account these aspects of the job and even though I got told countless times and by many different people that event planning isn't that easy a job nor is it that exciting, I decided people were over exaggerating.

I don't want people to think that this field of event management is easy going, but at the same time if you are thinking of pursuing this I don't want to scare you off, really I want you to be realistic.

Over the next few weeks I plan on talking about what a degree course teaches you and discussing why it is worth doing. This is aimed at informing people who are thinking of studying event management at a university stage but is also going to provide information and skills needed to 'become an event manager.'

I feel that because I am in the my first year on a course and coming to the end of my first term I have a unique position in providing information on what university courses provide. However it is vital that I point out that I am not an expert in this field, alas I am just a student providing information that I know I would find useful.

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