11 January 2011

Creative Mornings and a cup of tea.

2010/11 Bobby Solomon | Kitsune Noir/The Fox Is Black from LosAngeles/CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

This was an extremely insightful video from The Fox is Black blogger Bobby Solomon that I felt compelled to share with you. I think one thing that I have been finding over these last few weeks at home is the obsession I have with reading interesting blogs and finding new ones to read. My blog list is just a small insight into the blogs I read, I have bookmarked a hell of a lot more which I try and check out on a regular basis. I tend not to follow a lot of them through sites like blog loving of even by google friend connect due to the fact I would never leave my laptop! But hopefully you will see regular updates in my blog list of new blogs I have found out about.

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  1. The blog list seems like a good idea! I may have to do mine too as I have a bookmark folder full of blogs.
    Also, I'll have a click through and see what you find interesting!
    Thanks ;D

    Holly ♥


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