09 January 2011


The Douglas Coupland Challenge 

One of the things I need to do is to get back into reading. Since going to University I have not really read anything apart from course text books and magazines and lets face it neither of them count, therefore I need to set my self an achievable goal. Douglas Coupland is a fantastic author and since I read J-Pod in early 2010 I kept wanting to read more. Hence THE DOUGLAS COUPLAND CHALLENGE is born.

My aim is to read ALL of Couplands fiction novels over this coming year. I would set a deadline for 3 months except I know I wouldn't reach it due to my inability to get anything done and the fact along with university work I will also have work experience and (hopefully) a job to juggle time wise! 

Douglas Coupland is a writer that writes in a way that gets me gripped and so excited to read then next page but without 'dramatic story lines'. I am currently half way through Micro-Serfs and even though I have hardly any to nothing at all in the way of computer knowledge I can hardly put the novel down. 

The amazing thing about Coupland is the fact he is not just an author but also an artist, lecturer, film director and journalist, to shorten it lets just call him BILL (a reference to Micro-Serfs)

Generation X (Unread)
Shampoo Planet (Unread)
Micro-Serfs (READING)

Life after God (Unread) 
Girlfriend in a Coma (Unread) 

Miss Wyoming (Unread) 
All families are psychotic (Unread)
Hey Nostradamus! (Unread)
Eleanor Rigby (Unread) 
The Gum Thief (Unread)
Generation A (Unread) 
Player One (Unread) 
Now the whole point of this challenge is to read a lot more books. And from my prospective from working in a bookshop being able to say authors who write fantastic books and knowing you have read them all is a great advantage. 

Please feel free to take up this challenge or in turn set up your own book challenge for 2011, maybe you want to read all of Jane Austen's novels or a collection of sci-fi books. If you do take part (or create your own reading goal) please let me know by commenting below. 


  1. I've never heard of him but I also have a resolution to read more books, it's difficult with uni..

    I'm checking this guy out :)

    cute blog btw


  2. Better get to it! Very informative post, your blog is so nice :)

  3. I'm seeing if I can read more books in general and using the BBC's 100 list as a quide. I'm starting with The Hobbit as, shockingly, I've never read it. Hehe :)

    -Holly ♥


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